“the wind makes its rounds” and so did I,
that after years of living away, I returned to put down roots


The Terre di Guidoreste organic farm is a small business located in the hamlet of Morrona,
municipality of Terricciola, positioned on the ridge of the Pisan hills of Valdera.

The company was born from the passion for the small but extraordinary things that the earth - and work with it - can produce.
The organic choice is the basis on which other experiences and knowledge come together, to test how effective the natural and less invasive approach is, compared to the results we aim to obtain: more fertile and less exploited land and therefore healthier products.

Every year we obtain IGP wine and extra virgin olive oil by hand,
committing ourselves throughout the season to the care, development and maturation of the fruit, its harvesting, its transformation and finally bottling.

Limited production, authenticity, respect for the land and its rhythms, passion create a unique product which contains within itself - each time - the narrative of a different and therefore unrepeatable vintage.


• organic cultivation method: we do not use synthetic substances or pesticides. We put together modern knowledge with ancient knowledge, respecting NATURE.

• native vines and cultivars: only plants whose ancestors had already lived here for centuries, for the plants that were given to us and for those that we decided to grow.

• simple but defined products, recognizable for their personality and character, precisely because they tell the story of the relationship between two Stubborns: man and NATURE.


The Pisan Hills are a historical and geographical region made up of the hilly areas of the province of Pisa located south of Pisa and Pontedera, east of Livorno and north of Volterra.
Part of this region is Valdera, the valley of the Era river which reaches Pontedera from Volterra. This part of the territory inextricably links its past to the Etruscan and then medieval times thanks to the presence of its two most widespread crops, the olive tree and the vine, whose development can be traced back to the Etruscans and the existence of small medieval villages, rich in history and traditions.